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Paper Topic #1 - Analyze a game - Due FEBRUARY 23rd

#1 In class, hand in a hard copy of your game analysis

#2 By email, send a copy of your paper as a .doc, .txt, or .rtf
the email is aferraiolo at inbox dot com

#3 Paper Description
This paper should only be four pages long, write concisely.
Choose a game we have played in class and analyze its design.

Pages 1-2, use quotes from our readings to address these questions:

  • What sensory elements were used in this game design?
  • How satisfying are the game's mechanics?
  • What works for you in the interface design?
  • What are the patterns established in this game?

Page 3, again using quotes from our readings, discuss

  • How do the features described in pages 1-2 contribute to flow?
  • What could be done to improve this game?

Page 4, this is a sketch or drawing

  • Draw an interface that incorporates the improvement you suggest on page three.

That's it! Have fun with the assignment.

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